So, I´m starting a new adventure. I´m studing to become a full stack developer, of course, i´m giving my first baby steps, in this case, I´m starting with HTML ad CSS, and i just finished my first assignement for a code about my favorite book, which is of course, my own. “Black rain” is a book I invested a lot of time in, and i´m willing to put the same or more effort into this change of career.

I´m studying the Front end fundamentals course on, which i recommend a lot, so far I learned how to write on HTML, the use of tags and different elements to lay out the first stages of a web page or app, how to insert text, images, change values, and a lot more, here is my first code, check it out!

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset=”utf-8″>
<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width”>
<title>The time before memory series</title>
<h1>Black Rain</h>
<h3>From the time before memory series</h3>
<!– Comments on the book and sales page –>
<p> Today I want to talk to you about one of my favorite books, but to be fair, I would need to tell you too,
that is one of my favorite books, because I wrote it, so, be aware that I could be a little bias towards
how awesome this book actually is (but it is). You can find it on amazon if you want to get it by the way.
<a href=”″> Go to amazon
here. </a> <h4 id=”emoji”>&#x1F4D6 </h4></p>
<!– Main information–>
<p>Black Rain, (Lluvia Negra) is an Epic fantasy book, the story of a farm boy named Kinn and the path that he has to follow
to become one of the most important characters, not only of the book but of his own world, this book shows how nothing is
black or white, but that everyone has inner motives. Is full with amazing creatures like nagarads and rinotaurs (horned horses),
people are shape shifters and unknown lands are in the reach of a few pages.</p>
<img width=300 src=””/>
<p>The world of Estera</p>


<!– Section to gather information –>
<h4 id=”emoji”>&#x1F913&#x1F913 &#x1F913</h4>
<p>Would you like to get more information about this book? If you do, fill the next information</p>
<input type=”text” value=”Enter your e-mail”/>
<!–I´m using <p>tag to make a space between text boxes and elements, (like images) –>
<textarea rows=”10″ cols=”70″>Write here what kind of information you would like to receive</textarea>
<p> I would also love to send you a special chapter for your birthday, so please enter your date of birth here: </p>
<input type=”date” />
<input type=”submit”/>
<a href=”″>
<img src=”[/img]”/></a>
<i><blockquote>”¿Do you think i´m done with you my lord? No, I´m a man of honor, and part of honor is justice.
You see, I care for justice on my land, and you are a guest on it, I can´t let your crimes go unpunished my lord,
you still have plenty to pay for, my friend” – Rong Rau to Lord Milien.</blockquote></i>

<p>If you read the book already, please let me know which is your favorite character: </p>
<select id=”ddselect”>
<option>–select your favorite character–</option>
<input type”text” id=”txtvalue”/>



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